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The stats on this sniper rifle are off the charts. In multiplayer maps like crossfire, this rifle is so overpowered that you will be taking 10 kills easily. The main categories are Assault Rifles (AR), Sniper Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Sub Machine guns and Shotguns. In Call of Duty mobile, it is one of the best guns you can start playing with if you are new at the game. Ultimately DL Q33 is the best and is set in motion to help you with battles occurring at a long-range. Appreciates excellent food, exceptional coffee and great company. You will be surprised with the firepower that this simple shotgun has. With the help of these gun recommendations, any new player will be able to sweep through the rankings in the Call of duty mobile. It has a lower rate of fire than most of the other SMGs. 1.Man-O-War. Many of the best Call of Duty Mobile guns will look familiar with Call of Duty Mobile rifling through the series' history for its armory. Compared to other sniper rifles in the game, this one has the most destructive power.

The BY15 shotgun doesn’t have a lot of attachments but it makes up for that with the firepower. Also, since its a bolt action rifle there is a significant loading time after each shot. Using this gun will not hamper your movement in the game but the slow reloading time will. 5 Best Guns in COD Mobile Season 7. Using this class skill, you can hack the enemy’s minimap to conceal your position for a brief period, destroy most enemy devices, … COD Mobile Season 8 Best Gun Tier List: Tier: Weapon name: S: KN-44, HBRa3, DR-H, DL Q33, Arctic.50, Cordite, BEST SHOTGUN ( KRM-262 ) in COD Mobile Season 8!

The sole addition to the battle royale section will be the new class – Hacker.

In Call of Duty mobile, it is one of the best guns you can start playing with if you are new at the game. ParkerTheSlayer Clips 100,615 views.

Call of duty mobile call of duty mobile The DL Q33 is simple to operate a bolt action sniper rifle that will give you kills like no other. The RPD is an LMG or light machine gun that offers a huge magazine capacity and has a ton of firepower. The RPD is best used for medium to long-range fights. The DL Q33 comes with a scope mounted on it and is immensely accurate.

Here are the best guns available on Call of Duty Mobile. It gains edge over the other Tier 1 guns due its marginal benefits in damage and recoil. Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 update is just about to go live, read up on all the new changes, features and patch notes through this article. If you like to equip an SMG as your secondary weapon, PDW57 is your best choice since the MSMC got nerfed with the season 4 update. Home Call Of Duty Best Gun in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 8 Tier List Best Gun in Call Of Duty Mobile Season 8 Tier List PUBG July 10, 2020. He is also into sublime design and nicely built cars.Best Guns Guide for Call of Duty Mobile – Primary WeaponsBest Guns Guide for Call of Duty Mobile – Primary Weapons 0 comments. If you are looking to kill enemies from long range within one shot, this is your sniper. A single DL Q33 shot, regardless if it is below the chest area, enemies can be eliminated.Here is a complete list of best light machine guns:Offering high damage, greatest accuracy among all LMGs and a good fire rate, if you are looking to sprint, S36 is the best Light Machine Gun to use in Call of Duty Mobile. The newest assault rifle season 5 is getting a buff in the next season as well.. Buff: Increase damage and reload speed. That is why we have included the PDW-57 in the best guns in COD Mobile list. Ranging from sniper rifles to shotguns, there is something for everyone. call of duty mobile

As it always is with the Call of duty franchise the AK-47 has a good amount of recoil on it so it may take a few matches to get adjusted to the gun. This is by far the best gun in Call of duty mobile for any new player.

COD Mobile Season 10: Battle Royale. It offers a good amount of damage, decent accuracy, and a high rate of fire. The stats on the BY15 shotgun are off the charts. The best gun in COD Mobile Season 7 is the Man-O-War, this gun has high damage, medium fire rate, and good accuracy..

If you are a new player starting out in the game then this is the ideal gun for you.