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Discuss: Night sweats: Why they happen and how to stop sweating at night A standard approach to night sweats, especially those related to menopause, is to start by trying straightforward changes that can minimize the frequency and severity of night sweats while improving overall health and sleep. Heavy Breathing: Common Causes and Treatments Use these tips for better sleep (and dry sheets). When you sleep under covers, you create a "cave" for your body to sleep in, Youngblood says, and it's important to make sure that your cave stays cold with cooling blankets or airy materials.

An excessive amount of carbohydrates can produce fluctuating levels of blood sugar.More serious cases of night sweats may be an indicator, or side effect, of different forms of cancer such as lymphoma or leukemia.Night sweats can be a direct result of sleep apnea if not properly treated.

Use these tips for better sleep (and dry sheets).Waking up sweaty is not fun, to say the very least.Anyone who's experienced night sweats knows the scenario: Fall asleep.

Pneumonia and tuberculosis have side effects of night sweating as a result of fever and chills.Other infections that can cause night sweats include mononucleosis, influenza, and even the human immunodeficiency virus, known as HIV.Some food, particularly carbohydrates, can stimulate night sweats by creating an imbalance of blood sugars. Night sweats are a common phenomenon, however you can stop them from ruining your night’s sleep.

Tools such as a fan, air conditioning, and open windows can make all the …

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Men are at risk for night sweats for many of the same reasons as women. Known as sleep Many factors trigger our sweat glands during daylight hours such as strenuous exercise and the hot sun. Sound familiar? From there, you can work with a health professional or try home remedies to eliminate the symptom. Staying active can help you to maintain a regular body temperature and reduce your stress levels, which can cause night sweats. Try to avoid both a few hours before bed to encourage your core body temperature to lower, which will reduce sweating during sleep.

A common example? We delete comments that violate Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Night sweats can come about for a ton of reasons, really. Likewise, many medical conditions can cause night sweats.

English How to Stop Night Sweats in Men Night sweats can be caused by medications, medical conditions, and hormonal changes, but there are lifestyle adjustments you can make now to prevent further discomfort.