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Most occasions I had my wig on so many didn't know (it gets cold really quick with nothing there!). Empower yourself and take control, shave it off - after all ‘bald is beautiful’!Invest in a good wig that makes you feel amazing, get a few, different colours, different styles, have some fun with it as losing hair is hard enough.

I have lots of experience! Platelet-Rich Plasma May Regrow It." I guess I just took it on the chin that that's how it was going to be!A: Amazing! A: Hmmm at first, I was heartbroken, then I got a wig and all was fine.

He truly does make me feel beautiful and doesn't bat an eyelid when I'm bald!My friends, the same. While it is effective, if treatment is discontinued, results may not be maintained.American Hair Loss Association: "Hair Loss Treatment. People deal with things their own way but me, personally, I couldn't bear watching it fall out! Don't hide from it, confront it and be brave...we are all warriors.Life doesn't stop because you've lost your hair - it could be worse!Maybe it will grow back, maybe it won't, but just remember...there's always wigs!I was diagnosed in 2001 with ulcerative colitis, but in 2012 after a bad flare (and losing my hair) I was diagnosed with Crohn's colitis. My wig is a security blanket, if I’m not feeling brave enough, on goes the wig. It just makes me feel like I did before I lost the hair I suppose. I actually thought ‘how can I be pretty with no hair’? I have six children and am due to get married in April 2016.Why not sign up to our mailing list and receive regular articles and tips about IBD to your inbox.Why not sign up to our mailing list and receive regular articles and tips about IBD to your inbox?

My hair is growing back, it's healthy and will get to where I want it to be at some point. "Cleveland Clinic: "Hair Loss Got You Down? The sympathy eyes, the half smile...I wasn't dying I had lost my hair! In vitro tumor necrosis factor-alpha significantly inhibits hair growth [18]. "A: It certainly has and it's healthy. "Cleveland Clinic: "Hair Loss Got You Down? So I took control and shaved it off!A: My hair basically fell out due to my medication, trauma to my body & stress. Nothing but love and support. "The sympathy eyes, the half smile...I wasn't dying I had lost my hair!

The drugs are sold under the brand names Propecia, Proscar and Avodart and are known generically as finasteride and dutasteride.

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While it is effective, if treatment is …

The amount of times my wig has been on a child/friend/hubby-to-be's head is ridiculous!

A: Now this was an interesting one. But that changed, they got very use to bald mum and then a mum that had many different hair colours! Khatu S.  I was 29...not old enough to be losing my hair! In fact, clinical trials showed that the progression of hair loss …

Propecia is the first pill that can treat male pattern hair loss.

So cry for it, be angry...but then let it go, smile, move on from it.Take some pictures of your journey with it. I'm currently using Plantur 39 shampoo and's amazing and helping so much too. For the first time in the history it is now possible to stop or slow the progression of hair loss and to replace lost hair through surgery with completely natural results.

Little bit frustrating as the hair … If anything I was encouraged to just be as I am.