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Please refer to Annex below for list of awards and scholarship recipients.SingHealth-Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing – Lee Foundation Scholarship AwardsSingHealth-Alice Lee Institute of Advanced Nursing Scholarship Awards

Actually we are kinda of used to this by now since Samuel typically likes to ‘eat’ up things. This change is also timely as our nurses … ‘It’s like the case of Norton Antivirus.

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When the baby sleeps, the mum sleeps too. Poor baby contracted another virus again! For instance, a nurse clinician at SGH would wear green while a staff nurse would be in white. So he highlighted to us that if allergies run in the family, it’s probably in the baby genes. The additional two visits were for changing his dressing. Although Samuel is sick, he was still playing cheekily with the doctor so the doctor can’t help telling us he loves our boy!

Please turn on JavaScript and try again. He refused to stop crying even when the whole ordeal is over. In order to built the antivirus profiles, he gets the virus but his immune system gets strong from all these virus attacks’, he says.2 weeks ago I brought Samuel in for his persistent night coughs.

And I thought he caught a cold because I was too slow in changing his soaked pajamas and with the struggles, he was naked for 15 minutes or so. Sam’s lips curved into this ugly ‘O’ shape and starts crying (real crying) and the doctor decides to stay away.

Whenever I mentioned this, he would playfully lick the bandaged finger.When is Samuel going to pee? The nurse's rank is designated by different coloured strips on their uniform. ; With lower immune system in kids, they send out a lot more germs than the adults.

My mum has never been to the gym but for some reasons, she decided to check it out with the tot.He was a brave boy when they washed his wound. 2:03.

Nurses parading in new (front two nurses) and old uniforms (back row) at its annual Nurses' Day celebrations at Academia on July 25, 2017.Nurses parading in old uniforms at its annual Nurses' Day celebrations at Academia on July 25, 2017.Nurses parading in their new uniforms at its annual Nurses' Day celebrations at Academia on July 25, 2017. The new uniform designs reflect the collective comments from our nurses and patients. The current SingHealth nursesuniform has been in use since September 2007. Just as we suspected, he is definitely wheezing and has to be put on the nebulizer.To be frank, I’m not a great fan of all these western medications which I believed might weakened the body in the long run.

I’m glad I have standby the syrup and have invested in a good thermometer in this case.

Unfortunately his usual GP (General Practitioner) clinic is closed, we have to see Dr Terence Tan again at Kinder Clinic.I like Dr Terence Tan.


He warned me he might be falling sick every 2-4 weeks once he goes into full time school. So the possibility of him catching the virus from me is actually lower than him catching it in play school. What Victoza® is and what it is used for . Our son is getting accident prone.

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This is our second trip. Nurses parading in (left to right) an old uniform, the new one, and the current one at its annual Nurses' Day celebrations at Academia on July 25, 2017. So you can say I’m impressed enough to make a return.