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RCS works with attorneys to analyze the evidence and produce the most relevant facts. Both beneficial and harmful facts to the case are presented. From the evidence, RCS writes interrogatory and deposition questions for use during discovery. Forensic schedule and detailed cost analysis are performed to determine the cause of delays and damages. Reports are developed for inclusion in the briefs or documents for exchange in arbitrations or pleadings and motions.

Evidence and Discovery Review

Interrogatory and Deposition Development

Project Schedule and Cost Analysis

Issue or Project Analysis and Reporting


Contract Development & Disputes


With its engineering and legal background, RCS reviews contracts so that your business goals are protected. Beyond the contract obligations of each party and the value, contracts memorialize the business deal, are clear and unambiguous, address potential problems pragmatically, and are specific so that each party understands its rights and obligations. For the occasion where a dispute has arisen, RCS has significant experience negotiating equitable resolutions avoiding litigation.

Construction Contract Dispute Resolution

Issue or Project Analysis and Reporting

Insurance Claim Management

Construction Services


RCS has 35 years of construction management (CM) and civil engineering experience with a wide variety of markets. The services that can help an owner of the project include value engineering to reduce costs and to represent your interests through the life of the project as an authorized agent to interface with the contractors and design team. RCA also provides constructability reviews, scheduling, estimating, strategic sourcing and implementing best CM practices.

Contract Management and Advice

  • Contract Terms and Conditions Negotiation
  • Contract Sum Negotiation

Strategic Sourcing & Procurement


Cost Estimating

Constructability Review

Project Management – Implementing Best Practices

Contract Management and Advice, Construction Claims Consultant, Project Management Consultant,  Construction Claims Expert, Value Engineering Expert, 

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