Construction Claims Defense & Development


A construction claim is a written request for time and/or money submitted under the terms of the contract or law. Claims arise from unresolved issues or disputes that form during the project. Typically construction contracts, and  state statutes provide the administrative details for a claim development. The claim could go between your company and a general contractor, subcontractor, or project owner.

RCS will analyze the issues within a Construction claim and will work with your team assembling the facts from the project. The issues within the claim will be segregated and prioritized. Construction damages, and schedule delay will be assessed. Once laid out, the details within each issue will be examined with the corresponding project documents such as; contract, schedule, change orders, cost reports, correspondence, and field notes. Once the facts are understood, we will leverage the contract language to either develop or defend against your claim.

Don’t feel intimidated by your opposing party. The facts, contract, and law will be used to promote your position and create a solution that you find acceptable.


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