Relevant Construction Solutions – is Here to resolve your construction issues and protect your interests.


Relevant, Competent, Trustworthy.

RCS will enhance your goals and value by,

  • Reducing the cost of your construction project – Construction Cost Analysis.

  • Shortening your project’s duration – Construction Schedule Analysis

  • Resolving your construction Claims or Construction Disputes

  • Providing Owner’s Representation for your project

  • Negotiating contract terms that protect your company’s interests


Not only will you receive sound advice by working directly with Douglas Oppman, with his 35 years of construction and engineering experience, and his 10 years of contract and legal experience, but he will also lead your team toward an effective outcome.


Service summary list: Construction Contract Dispute Resolution, Construction Consulting, Construction Disputes Expert,  CPM Scheduling Consultant, Delay Claim Expert, Construction Damages Expert, Schedule Delay Expert, Construction Litigation Expert, Construction Dispute Resolution  

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